Innovative Thinking. Trusted Partners.

Proven Results.

Structured a global tourism campaign that resulted in

50% increase in digital visitors

Successfully helped

rebuild share price

as it managed an
international media controversy

Created inward investment

interest for a European Government from the Asia-Pacific region

About SharpeLankester

SharpeLankester is a global consultancy specialising in reputation management and investor relations. We work in partnership with our clients as they pursue business opportunities or manage reputational risk.

Our goal? Ensure our clients are understood by, and understand, the organisations and individuals vital to their success. With a presence in all major business and political centres in Europe and Asia-Pacific, we are measured by the results we achieve.

Why SharpeLankester?

Why should clients choose to work with SharpeLankester?

When we held our first planning meeting, a few themes kept recurring. Partnership. Responsive. Networked. Results. Experienced. All were important but we kept coming back to Partnership and Results. We believe these areas offered the chance to build a firm with a real difference.

We seek long-term, trusted relationships. We earn these by being with clients every step of the way until results are achieved. No excuses. We deliver what we promise. SharpeLankester is entirely outcome-driven. Our work is always grounded in measurable results. In many cases this is how we are compensated – by results. We strive to be the business partner relied on every time to deliver.